A bit about me

I started writing computer programs in primary school (about 30 years ago) on an Apple-2E computer.

The programs were too large for floppy disk so I had to save them onto cassette, this meant a cord running from the computer headphone jack to the microphone input of an old Panasonic cassette recorder.  I would press record on the cassette and click save on the computer simultaneously.

To load a program I reversed the wiring and clicked load on the computer and play on the cassette.

I built my first website about 20 years ago when the internet was young.  It was written in raw HTML code and hosted on my home computer.  Australia was mostly still dial-up back then so my site was only available when I was connected.

My next website was for a family boat brokerage business in QLD.  It started as a one page website. As the business grew so did the site.  By the end we had over a hundred boats for sale and each one had its own page.  The site was a behemoth for its time.

Since then I have been involved in a wide range of technology, from designing automated control systems to power distribution networks.

When Facebook exploded onto the scene it disrupted everything.  As an early adopter, the marketing potential was obvious.  Since then I have helped people from all walks of life develop a symbiotic relationship between their website and social media.  I have worked with restaurants, real-estate agents, politicians, yoga studios, pool servicing companies, health goods products and many more.

Someone once said that the only way to get ahead in business is to provide a better product at a cheaper price.  This struck a chord with me and it is the basis of my business model.

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