During the First World War the American government needed to increase military spending but the war was too unpopular. To sway public opinion the government employed thousands of people with one goal; to get the population to support war effort.  Modern advertising was born.

When the war was won these propagandists found themselves unemployed, so they used their new found skills and created an industry helping private companies sell products. The advertising principles they pioneered still underpin every successful advertising campaign.

Knowing and implementing the basic principles is the difference between being on social media and utilising social media.

While we won’t give away all the secrets we will give you tid bits and tips to help you improve your marketing return on investment.

One of the most common mistakes I see is posts not being personal.  For example lets say you’re making a post about a café you’ve just had lunch at.  Which of these is more personal?

  1. “Jillie’s Café has the most fantastic sandwiches”
  2. “I just had the most fantastic sandwich at Jillie’s Café”

If you want your posts to resonate with your audience you have to use personal experience.  This is true whether you’re discussing sandwiches or chainsaws.

So how do you do this if you’re trying to sell a product or service?   You can’t, no one will believe you when you say “Buy my product, I use it, it’s the best”.  You need to get quotes (personal experience quotes) from your clients.  Scan your Facebook reviews, Trip Advisor, Ratemyagent or whatever your industry review system is to find the gems.  These quotes are a great way to personalise your product or service. Add a call to action and you’ve the basis of a great advertising campaign.

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