Our specialist realestate package is designed to sell houses and generate listings.

A full featured website that you can update by email.

Imagine you go to a vendors house to sign a listing form.  As you arrive you take a couple of pics on your phone and email them off.  After signing the forms you show the vendor their property is already on your website.  How impressive!

Your social media integrated seamlessly

Not only has your new listing been published to your website, it is automatically trickled down on to your social media platforms, all from one email.    Meanwhile, Jetty Social will keep your audience engaged and growing with locally sourced, quality content.  When you have a new listing, a sale or price reduction you send one email and it is automatically published to your website and posted to your social media platforms.  It’s too easy.

Two custom audiences

  1. An Audience of buyers.  We’ve studied the demographics of people buying houses in the south west.  We use that study to define a custom audience for you.
  2. An audience of future listings.  We can tell who is likely to list with you and who is likely to list with the agent down the road.

A promotional video

Video’s get more engagement than any other form of Facebook marketing.  Your promotional video is used to build your following and create your brand.

Optional extras

  1. Remarketing – a prospective purchaser see your property in their news feed the day after you’ve showed them  the property.  Remarking has the highest conversion rate of all marketing.
  2. A promotional video and custom audience for an individual listing.  Let’s say you’ve got a house thats very low maintenance, with a large shed and its near a primary school.  Perfect for FIFO workers with a boat and young kids……why not market to them.

All work is done in the Southwest, Jetty Social do not outsource to lost cost offshore centres.

Sound good?  Contact us today and you’ll find it might be cheaper than what you’re already paying.

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