Search Engine Optimisation.

Jetty social can analyse and enhance your website’s underlying architecture and visible content to get your website search engine ranking higher.

95% of good SEO is about enhancing the website architecture, HTML code, proper use of titles and headings.  This best practise is built into every website design by Jetty Social.

Most of us use search engines to find products and services.  If your site does not appear in the first two pages of results then you are missing out on customers. Quite often only a few minor tweaks are needed to your site to quickly improve your search engine ranking.


Search Engine Marketing

A good keyword marketing campaign starts with defining and researching your keywords.  Our search engine marketing service will direct immediate traffic to your website.

Search Engine Marketing

Most search engines offer ‘sponsored’ results that appear above the organic search results.  These paid results are based on a system of keyword bidding.  Search Engine Marketing is an effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

The main provider of keyword bidding is Google Adwords.  Jetty Social can help you select the right keywords and phrases to bid on.  We can also give help you develop the right descriptions that turn browsers into buyers.

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