Content Creation

Jetty Social will work with you to develop a content plan.  Once your plan is in place we scrap the web to find the right mix of industry news, local stories and goodies.

You original content can be schedule in advance so you’re not chained to your computer day after day.

One service our clients love is being able to email a post and have it propagate to their website and filter down across all their social media platforms.  This saves re-posting the same thing again and again.

Without a doubt videos get more traction than regular posts.  Jetty social can turn your snap shots into a short videos to maximise your post engagement.

So if you are struggling to produce content then get in touch to hear how we can help.

Social Listening

There is more to social media and Facebook marketing than getting your brand in front of potential customers.  Social listening is about keeping your finger on the pulse of your industry, knowing which way your customers are trending and knowing which of your competitor’s strategies are succeeding or failing.

If you aren’t social listening you are only using social media to 50% of it’s capacity.   If someone is talking about your business online then you need to know about it.  It allows you reward people who are singing your praises (to make them sing louder) and address complaints people have.  Studies have shown people respect a business that responds to negative feedback (not the crazies, never respond to the crazies).

Social Jetty have developed proprietary listening software that becomes your social eyes and ears.  We can alert you to industry trend shifts, positive and negative reviews and what your competitors are up to.  We’d love you contact us and find out more about how social listening can help your business.

Using multiple platforms

Are you updating multiple platforms and a website? Would you like to type your post in one email and have it distributed across all your social platforms.  Sound good? It is!

Jetty Social’s fully automated distribution system saves you time and frustration.     You can send a months worth of posts (emails) at once and your posts will be trickle feed to your social networks at peak times to maximise your reach.

Sound easy…. It is.

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