Is your social media making money for you?  Jetty Social can help you narrow down your target audience so your ads are being put in front of the right people.

But what if you need a broad audience, for example a pizza shop (everyone loves pizza).   We can narrow your audience by location….but what then?  If you narrow it down further you risk missing potential customers, if your audience is too broad your ad will get ignored.  The answer is to start small and broad, date that comes in is analysed and your target audience is continuously refined.

Very soon you will know who is being engaged by your content.

When first looking at the audience options in Facebook marketing can be overwhelming.  It is an ever moving goal post.  Jetty Social stay on top of it because it’s our specialty.


Custom and akin audiences

One of the most powerful capabilities of digital marketing is Custom and Similar Audiences.  If you have a database of existing customers it can be used to accurately target your advertising.



Re-marketing is one of the most powerful features of social media marketing

People often wont make a purchase or decision the first time they visit your website.  With re-marketing we can keep track of who has visited your site and place ads in their media feeds to ensure your product stays in the forefront of their minds. Re-marketing ads are far more likely to convert into solid leads and sales.

Still a bit confused? don’t worry, you can contact us to find more.

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