Getting a new website doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.   If you are completely new then you are going to hear words you’ve never heard before.  When we design websites for clients in Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River, Jetty Social take the time to make sure you fully understand as much as you like.

Some of the more common Jargon you will hear is

Mobile Responsive

Most web designers now build mobile responsive websites.  It is important because over 50% of all web browsing is done on a mobile device.  Mobile responsive refers to a web site that looks the same on a mobile phone screen (without zooming) as it does on a desktop computer.  Google are now giving higher rankings to mobile responsive websites.  So if your site inst mobile responsive, it’s time to act.


This can be any computer connected to the internet.  To ensure consistent uptime and website speed we use dedicated computers.  These computers are usually located in capital cities near interstate fibre optic cables.  Even if you’re using a Busselton web design service your server will be likely located in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne.


This is the disk space you rent on the server. Generally you will receive an annual fee for hosting.

Domain Name registration

Your domain name is what people type in to visit your site.  It will be followed by ‘.com’, ‘’ or’’ etc.    Your domain names also forms the second half of your email address, the part after the ‘@’ sign.  Pick a domain name that is easy to spell and remember (like Jetty Social), that way you can verbally communicate your web address and email.  Where possible use something relevant to your industry to help with your S.E.O.


Search Engine Optimisation refers to designing your content so your website appears on the front page of Google searches.  Your web designer should do this automatically.  You can optimise your website for specific search terms (“wine”, “Holiday” or “Busselton web design” etc etc).

Content management system

Most modern websites use a content management system.  They make the life of the web designer easier.  The system your designer pick only makes a difference in specific niches.


A hyperlink is what you click on to go from the page you’re reading to a different page.  Generally speaking hyperlinks will be a different colour and underlined, for example Dunsborough Web Design or Busselton Web Design.  While the text you see is different the links point to exactly the same page.  Images can also be hyperlinks


These are all coding languages that as a client you don’t need to know.  If your web designer is referring to them they are either trying to impress you with their nerdiness or trying to baffle you.

So if you are in Busselton, Dunsboroug or Margaret River and looking for simple but beautiful web site then contact us.  We’ll be straight forward and talk in terms everyone can understand.




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